. . . . is a part of life

• Loss of job
• Divorce
• Disability or failing function
• Arrival of a new baby
• The “empty nest”
• Relocating your home
• Change of career
• Starting a new relationship
• Moving through a developmental milestone

But for something which occurs to us so frequently, we often do not manage it well. Some changes are planned – others are unexpected. Some changes are positive – others seem to be leading us into more difficult times. Whatever the type of transition we face, there are ways to both identify and cope with whatever it is we are experiencing.

Counseling for transitions involves a personal journey to explore the three phases which make up most transitions. As you learn to identify each phase, you can learn how to work within each phase and go through them with more understanding. Then you will be better prepared to begin the new phase towards which you have been moving. With appropriate counseling not only can you reduce the stress and confusion that sometimes accompanies life’s transitions but also you can increase the sense of control and acceptance which allows you to move on in your life.

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